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Rice FieldsVariety is the spice of life and nowhere is this more than true in Indonesia. A vast and beautifully diverse country dotted over more than five thousand kilometers of tropical oceans across the equator. Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago which from the air, is like a beautiful necklace of aquamarine and sapphire and emerald hues, strung between Australia and mainland Southeast Asia, and home to nearly two hundred million people. With these enormous number of people and over 15,000 islands, there are no arguments that we are looking at more than a hundred ethnic groups and more than three hundred distinct dialects/languages.

Rempah-RempahWith such a diverse culture, it is not surprising that its cuisine is also varied. However, through out Indonesia, rice is the preferred staple. Spices are important ingredients in Indonesian cuisine. The spices are producing those distinct flavors of the food people eat. Every region of the archipelago will identify itself with a famous dish or peculiar method of preparation. One region that is so famous with its distinct cuisine is Padang in West Sumatra. This region is famous because of its hot spicy food. You can almost find Padang restaurants in every corner of other regions. All food is freshly prepared every morning and displayed for customers to see as theywalk in to the restaurant. This method can be considered unique even in Indonesia itself.

Again, if you are curious about the taste of Indonesian cuisine, through out these pages, you will find many recipes that I managed to compile which might interest you.  I divided the recipes site into two major sections. One is for those who would like to read it in Indonesian language and the other is for those who would like to read it in English. Feel free to browse through my web site and enjoy.

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