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1. Corn Fritters (Perkedel Jagung)
2. Crispy Sweet Rolls (Kue Semprong)
3. Deep Fried Beef and Vegetables Wrap (Martabak)
4. Family Table Pickle (Acar)
5. Fried Fermented Soybean Cakes (Tempe Goreng)
6. Fried Soybean Curd (Tahu Goreng)
7. Peanut Chips (Rempeyek Kacang)
8. Potato Croquettes (Kroket Kentang)
9. Spicy Lobster (Udang Karang Bumbu Cabai)
10. Stemead Dumplings Bandung Style (Siomay Bandung)
11. Sweet Stuffed Sticky Rice Roll (Lemper)
12. Vegetable Pickles with Turmeric (Acar Kuning)

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Last updated: December 07, 2005