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Balinese Lamb (Kambing Mekuah)
2. Beef Brain Curry (Gulai Otak)
3. Beef Brain sauteed in Spiced Sauce (Semur Otak)
4. Beef Spicy Stew (Gulai Lemak)
5. Beef Tripe Soup (Soto Babat)
6. Crispy Spicy Beef Slices (Dendeng Belado)
7. Dry Spiced Beef (Be Sampi Mesitsit)
8. Fried Beef Tripe (Babat Goreng)
9. Lamb Curry (Gulai Kambing)
10. Madura Island Style Soup (Soto Madura)
11. Ox Tongue in Sweet Nutmeg Sauce (Semur Lidah)
12. Satay Padang Style (Sate Padang)
13. Spicy Coconut Beef (Rendang)
14. Stuffed Soybean Cake (Tahu Isi)
15. Sweet Fried Beef (Empal)

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Last updated: December 07, 2005