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Well.... where should I start? I have been cooking and baking since I was 11 years old.  These two are my favorite hobbies while I am also adding one more hobby, arranging fresh flowers.  In regards to this, I have compiled an illustrated collection of Indonesian Cuisine Recipes on my special website called Merry's Kitchen of Indonesian Cuisine.  Try them, taste them, and let me what you think of them. 

As far as my professional life, I went to University of Kansas for my undergraduate study and then continue my graduate study at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Both my undergraduate and graduate majors were in Business and I concentrated my study in Finance when I was in graduate school.  Although I chose these majors while I was in college, my passion has always been baking & cooking, so someday I hope I can have my own restaurant or pastry shop.

Until today, I have not realized this dream of mine, however, I am realizing my recent hobby which arranging fresh flowers.  I have a flower shop now, names Melrose Flowers, and it has been running for over 3 years.  Please do visit my main website and for those who need fresh flowers arrangement and to be delivered in Jakarta area, you can pick and choose the design you like and get it from my flower shop.


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